Vancouver Island Aircrew Association

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Air Force Association - Canada

Aircrew Association - United Kingdom

Avroland Site - Avro Canada, Orenda Engines

Royal Canadian Air Force

National Air Force Museum

United States Air Force
405 Squadron
415 Squadron
 426 Squadron

History of the
 Air Cadet League of BC
Sabre Pilots Association Of the Air Division Squadrons - SPAADS

RCAF Memorial Cairn, Victoria, BC

Bomber Harris

BC Aviation Museum Sidney, BC

Dowding and Churchill
by Jack Dixon 
Night Fighters

Aces & Aerial Combat in WW I
by Atholl Sutherland Brown 

Silently Into the Midst of Things
by Atholl
Sutherland Brown
Odyssey: Coming of Age in WW11
by James Baker

Nadir to Zenith Navigator Stories
and Line Shoots

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